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Sermon: Luke 18 (August 31th, 2014)

The Sermon* for the 12th Sunday after Trinity at Zion Lutheran Church in Lahoma, OK.


*Text versions available at Pastor’s blog.


Episode 62 – Ezekiel 28:20-30:19

More Ezekiel was discussed, focusing on the judgement of Egypt – for which Pastor got to draw on his experience visiting Egypt years ago. In the Inquisition, Thomas asked Pastor to talk about the Coptic Christians in Egypt, and Pastor asked Thomas what makes a sermon… well: meh.


Episode 61 – Ezekiel 27:1-28:19

Pastor and Thomas continued through Ezekiel and talked at length about the ancient city of Tyre. In the Inquisition, Thomas asked Pastor to expound on the idea of “sabbath rest”. Then, Pastor asked Thomas for his opinion on how church attendance gets prioritized these days.


Episode 60 – 5 Stages of Deception

Pastor took a vacation, so Thomas is all alone for this installment, which was on the 5 stages of successful deception. If you’re interested in learning about the initiation and progression of deception, and what that looks like, this is for you. If not, listen anyway – you just might get something out of it (like a nap!).