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Episode 64 – Ezekiel 32:11-33:33

We moved into the next section of Ezekiel. In the Inquisition we talked about why many in the West are blind to the connection between the religion of Islam and the atrocities we are seeing in the Middle East.


Sermon: Mark 7:31-37 (September 7th, 2014)

The Sermon* for the 12 Sunday after Trinity at Zion Lutheran Church in Lahoma, OK.


*Text versions available at Pastor’s blog.


Episode 63 – Ezekiel 30:20-32:10

We continued with Ezekiel’s lament for Egypt and Pharaoh. For the Inquisition, Pastor talked about the Scofield reference Bible and its impact upon eschatology in America. Then, Thomas discussed his 2 favorite readings from the lectionaries.