A Link to the Post: An American Drubbing (addressing American exceptionalism)

Doug Wilson has some good words today on the issue of “American exceptionalism” – a phrase that has seen much play since Russian president Putin’s op ed last week.  It’s full of salient points like the following:

“The exceptional things we have (in truth) been given can be counted as blessings from the hand of the only true God, who requires us to name Him as the only source of any such blessings. The quite ordinary conceit we have displayed, sharing it with Ozymandias, is our refusal to do so. The longer we have gone on in this vein the more the sham has become apparent. Is America exceptional? Well, why don’t you ask one of the millions of Americans who were chopped up in little pieces in the womb because the ghouls on our highest Court found the right to such wickedness hiding under a penumbra? Is America exceptional? Well, the reply comes back from the dead child. ‘I really am not in a position to know . . .'”

An American Drubbing

Well worth the read in its entirety!

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