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A Link to the Post: Get rid of your crappy pastor!

Perfect PastorI’m linking this because it plays off of what Pastor talked about it episode 4 re: pastors getting washed out of the ministry.

Get Rid of Your Crappy Pastor!

It details (in a tongue-in-cheek fashion) how to get rid of your crappy pastor… by helping him be a great one!

A Link to the Post: Where have all the good men [friendships] gone?

frodo-and-samWell, we did promise more content, so here’s the first iteration, which we just had to call, “A Link to the Post” since – yes – we are nerds.  Every so often we run across things on the interwebs which are relevant to something we have talked about on the show – oftentimes (though not always) blog articles, hence another reason for the title – that develop ideas further or put a different but still good spin on them.

In this first edition we have 2 links for your enjoyment, dealing with issues discussed in our first bonus episode (Episode 1.5, as it was titled): namely, what has happened to close male kinship in our day?

A Requiem for Friendship – This is an article in the Christian magazine “Touchstone” dealing with the exact question Thomas asked Pastor, even down to beginning with a reference to the relationship between Frodo and Sam in the Lord of the Rings.  It traces some of the history of male friendships (which were very much closer and more emotional in the past) and offers answers to what has happened in our time that has created such an arbitrary rift between members of male-kind.

The History of Male Friendships – This is a secular article from the website “The Art of Manliness,” which covers some of the same ground as the one above (history and more recent developments), but has the benefits of being shorter and having a comments section with some thoughtful input.  Surprisingly the conclusions of the two articles here are not that very different.

At any rate, more to come as always!  Stay tuned!