Episode 65 – Mark 1:1-28

The band is back together!

In our first recorded episode in almost a year, Pastor and I jumped into the Gospel according to Mark. Right off the bat, we learned how Mark is a Gospel written for the oppressed gentile Christians population of Rome – and where Mark gets his facts! (Peter and Paul)

Mark himself is a wonderful author, as we shall see as we study this book. One of the first things you notice is how he controls the flow of the narrative, moving from major event to major event, highlighting the violence and tribulation of Jesus’ ministry. One can easily see how the early Christians would have taken comfort in this book as they underwent their own harsh journey of faith.

In the Inquisition, we talked about the recent transgender Jenner situation, and discuss “Dumb Things Christians Say” – or something like that.

Listen in iTunes or using the player below!


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