Meet the Hosts

pastorPastor Eric Brown is an MDiv graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, who has served as Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Lahoma, Oklahoma for the past decade.   He also currently serves as vacancy pastor at the local rural congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church and as the Circuit Counselor/Visitor for the Enid LCMS Circuit.  Pastor Brown and his wife, Celia, have two children: Victor and Ambrose.  His interests include Church history, theology, Star Wars, anime, sports (particularly golf, baseball, and football), cooking, beer, and cooking with beer.



aboutpicThomas Lemke has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Oklahoma and works full-time as a clinical dietitian, but spends his free-time reading theology books and frequenting theology blogs.  His main subject of interest is apologetics, and in the past has devoted much time to debating Socinians (the sophisticated brand of Unitarians) and Messianic Jews in online forums on the subjects of the Trinity and the Law, respectively.  His favored apologetic framework is presuppositional (in the style of Greg Bahnsen and K. Scott Oliphint, after Van Til).  Thomas met Pastor Brown when he was the call screener for a broadcast of Table Talk Radio in 2010, in which Pastor was a guest on the subject of Baptism.  Pastor offered Thomas a course in Koine Greek, and began teaching him later in the year.  Thomas has also since taken ancient Hebrew from Krista Whittenburg, a Ph.D. student located in Enid, OK.