Hi there!

Pastor Eric Brown and the stalwart dietitian Thomas Lemke were sitting around one day in sunny Lahoma, OK, and they decided that they should sit down and do a podcast.  There are plenty of Lutheran podcasts – so why another?

1.  Most of the podcasts/radio shows tend to be very topical in nature, very tied to current events, and it seemed like ones set up like a bible study were (on the whole) rather lacking.

2.  Um, it sounded like fun, and if we have fun doing it, that’s great.

So, we started doing one, beginning with the book of James (because if we can have a good time talking about James, we can have a good time anywhere in the bible).  From there we’ve since continued on with the other General Epistles, and currently find ourselves in Ezekiel getting a hold on the whole prophesy thing.

We would be remiss in this about page not to mention the “Inquisition”.  In addition to discussing the text of Scripture during our show, we also take a little bit of time in the middle to discuss random topics as your hosts field questions from one another and from our listeners.  Generally Thomas takes questions with an apologetics angle, while Pastor tends to Church history and general theology issues – though we’ve certainly broken out of those molds from time to time.  Send in your own questions for us to answer on the show via our contact form or click on the Speakpipe button on the right hand of our page to send in a voice message which you just might hear on the show!