Sermon: Luke 19:41-48 (August 4th, 2013)

The Old Testament (Jeremiah 7:1-11), Epistle (Romans 9:30-10:4), and Gospel (Luke 19:41-48) readings for the 10th Sunday after Trinity, followed by Pastor Brown’s homily on our Gospel text at Zion Lutheran, Lahoma, OK.

Sermon 1: Luke 19:41-48 (August 4th, 2013)

As promised (hinted at?) in our most recent episode of the Count It All Joy Show, we are going to attempt to make audio versions* of Pastor’s weekly sermons available here on the website and in the Count Joy section of iTunes, right alongside our podcast. What we’ve done is include the readings for the week as well, as a way of leading into the sermon.  Enjoy!


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