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Episode 1 – James 1:1-27

So, we have the equipment, we taped the show… and well… we don’t quite know how to get our bump music in yet… so, um… maybe someday we will dandify this up [Edit: we now have, though it will never be as good as later episodes because, hey, we didn’t know what we were doing in the beginning!], but, well, here it is.  Mostly.

Episode 1 (and hopefully better than the Phantom Menace, but maybe not) — Enjoy! Send feedback!

Tom’s Episode Description:

Segment I – Got started with our examination of the book or James, beginning with some discussion on the concept of “Antilegomena,” as well as how it differs from the idea of deuterocanonical/apocryphal sources in Roman Catholic tradition.

Segment II – Continued moving through the text of James chapter one.

Segment III – Took a break from the text to answer questions.  Tom first answered a question about “what the most common reason given for someone to deny the faith” and addressed some follow up on how to go about answering objections.  Then Pastor took a question regarding what he would say to the individual who avoids Church out of fear they don’t fit in.  Hopefully future episodes can incorporate questions from our listeners, which can be submitted to

Segment IV – Wrapping up the chapter and closing thoughts on James so far.