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Episode 60 – 5 Stages of Deception

Pastor took a vacation, so Thomas is all alone for this installment, which was on the 5 stages of successful deception. If you’re interested in learning about the initiation and progression of deception, and what that looks like, this is for you. If not, listen anyway – you just might get something out of it (like a nap!).


Episode 59 – Ezekiel 25:1-26:21

Pastor and Thomas went through Ezekiel chapters 25 and 26, dealing with the judgements God through Ezekiel proclaimed against the nations surrounding Judah. In the Inquisition, Pastor was tasked with talking about the history of the falling of nations and what we should take away from such events. Thomas was asked to discuss the difference between apologetics and polemics.


Episode 46 – Passion Week

In this episode we go through the account of the Passion of our Lord as recorded in the Gospel according to Matthew.


Episode 45 – Ezekiel 20:30-49

Sorry for the delay – I (Thomas) am running behind with podcasts due to getting ready for my upcoming wedding.

Anyway, in this episode we did more Ezekiel in the first half. In the second half we did an extended inquisition and talked about the latest iteration of the intolerant tolerance brigade and associated issues, and then got into a lengthy discussion about the idea of time and how it relates to the Scriptures.


Episode 44 – Ezekiel 20:8b-29

After talking about funerals, we got back into Ezekiel.

For the Inquisition, Thomas asked Pastor what me means when he says “all of Scripture is about the Exodus” – or something like that. Pastor asked Thomas why he prefers “secular” movies to this season’s “Christian” offerings.


Episode 43 – Ezekiel 18:30-20:8a

We started off the show with a reading from Pastor’s new Hawaiian Pidgin Bible translation. Then we talked about what Pastor learned at the Church workers conference he’s been attending for the past 2 days, including a fascinating bit about the archeology site that might correspond to one mentioned in the David and Goliath account.  Then it was back into Ezekiel.

For the Inquisition, Pastor asked Thomas what his least favorite archeological arguments for and against Christianity are. Thomas asked Pastor to talk about how the Lord’s Prayer is a model for all other Christian prayers.


Episode 42 – Ezekiel 18:1-29

We tackled the majority of chapter 18, talking about the ideas of the righteous and the wicked.

In the Inquisition Thomas asked Pastor how history might be different if Martin Luther had been prescribed antidepressants.  Pastor asked Thomas about the concept of homosexuality and its apologetics ramifications.


Episode 41 – Ezekiel 16:59-17:24

We finally finished chapter 16, and got an interesting parable in chapter 17.

In the Inquisition Pastor asked Thomas about the place/role of the concept of repentance in apologetics. Thomas asked Pastor if the glut of Christian books on the market is a boon or a bust.


Episode 39 – Ezekiel 15:1-16:22

In Ezekiel, we got into “the chapter that the Lutheran Study Bible warned you about”.  Yes indeed, listeners, this episode is rated “naughty God” for the adult themes we encounter in chapter 16, where Jerusalem is compared to a whoring wife.  Innuendo abounds.

In the Inquisition, Thomas asked Pastor why Superhero movies are so popular, and Pastor asked Thomas about theological conversations in the workplace.


Episode 38 – Ezekiel 13:17-14:23

Continuing with Ezekiel, we talked witchcraft, the Israelite perverting of law and gospel, the punishment of false prophets, and the punishment of Israel (with guest appearance by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse!).  During the Inquisition, Pastor asked Thomas about the recent media attention to a claim that there were no camels in Palestine during Abraham’s time, and Thomas inquired of Pastor what we should make of the scriptures’ remark that men shall be saved out of every tribe, tongue, and nation given that we are fast approaching a time when the Gospel will have completed its journey to all people groups.


Episode 37 – Ezekiel 12:1-13:16

More Ezekiel, taking on the soon-to-fall king and false prophets of Ezekiel’s day.  During the Inquisition we dealt with a listener question on whether worry or anxiety are sins in light of Christ’s experience in Gethsemane.  A very sleep deprived episode, but hopefully the energetic new bump music makes up for it!


Bonus 4 – Creation Debate discussion

Pastor and Thomas sat down for a discussion about the recent “Ham on Nye” debate on origins.  We talked about what was good, what was bad, what could have been better, and ancient aliens.  Along the way we discussed Christian approaches to such issues, and talked about the role of presuppositions in the whole thing.


Episode 36 – Ezekiel 9:1-11:25

Once again we continued with Ezekiel, marveling at the Christological overtones to the vision of judgement Ezekiel is having in these chapters.  For the Inquisition we did something a bit different, and had a roundtable type discussion on the concept of advertising and how appropriate it is for Christians to use it and in what ways.  Then it was back into the text again, to culminate in the end of chapter 11 (Thomas’ favorite Christ-connection so far).  Good times!


Episode 35 – Ezekiel 8:1-9:2

Back into Ezekiel, we discussed the nature of the syncretistic worship being practiced by the Israelites at the temple in Ezekiel’s day.  For the Inquisition, Pastor was asked about the Oklahoma State Legislature’s discussion on turning marriage over to churches and ceasing civil weddings, or something.  Thomas talked about his position in the hubbub surrounding Tullian Tchividjian, whom some Lutherans have seemed to brand, “I can’t believe it’s not Lutheran!”, and what he feels are the Lutheran distinctives in our centuries-old conversation with the Reformed: the Sacraments.


Episode 34 – Ezekiel 7

We took on Ezekiel chapter 7 in the first half.  Then, in the second half, we talked about the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate coming up in February, and whether the Incarnation violates God’s immutability.