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Daniel Class 10 – Daniel 4:10-19

In the first half of class we learn what Pastor’s favorite Sunday of the Church year is, and discuss the concept of forgiveness as it related to the office of the ministry. Then it’s back into Daniel where Nebuchadnezzar has another dream.


Episode 47 – The Resurrection

In this Easter episode, Pastor and Thomas look at the Resurrection account in the four Gospels.


Episode 46 – Passion Week

In this episode we go through the account of the Passion of our Lord as recorded in the Gospel according to Matthew.


Daniel Class 9 – Daniel 3:24-4:3

This class begins with a discussion on Communion, Confirmation, and Baptism. After that, Pastor talks about the relationships in the ancient world between Christians, Jews, and Romans. Then it’s back into the text of Daniel. The class finishes off with a conversation about Luther’s views on the Jews.


Episode 45 – Ezekiel 20:30-49

Sorry for the delay – I (Thomas) am running behind with podcasts due to getting ready for my upcoming wedding.

Anyway, in this episode we did more Ezekiel in the first half. In the second half we did an extended inquisition and talked about the latest iteration of the intolerant tolerance brigade and associated issues, and then got into a lengthy discussion about the idea of time and how it relates to the Scriptures.


Daniel Class 8 – Song in the Fire

In this class the song of the three young men as found in the Septuagint was under discussion. Other topics include the Noah movie, the book of Revelation, and the canon of the books of Scripture.


Episode 44 – Ezekiel 20:8b-29

After talking about funerals, we got back into Ezekiel.

For the Inquisition, Thomas asked Pastor what me means when he says “all of Scripture is about the Exodus” – or something like that. Pastor asked Thomas why he prefers “secular” movies to this season’s “Christian” offerings.


Daniel Class 7 – Daniel 3:8-23

This class is focused on the events surrounding the fiery furnace incident. In the last 7 minutes, the discussion turns to “gay marriage.”


Episode 43 – Ezekiel 18:30-20:8a

We started off the show with a reading from Pastor’s new Hawaiian Pidgin Bible translation. Then we talked about what Pastor learned at the Church workers conference he’s been attending for the past 2 days, including a fascinating bit about the archeology site that might correspond to one mentioned in the David and Goliath account.  Then it was back into Ezekiel.

For the Inquisition, Pastor asked Thomas what his least favorite archeological arguments for and against Christianity are. Thomas asked Pastor to talk about how the Lord’s Prayer is a model for all other Christian prayers.


Episode 42 – Ezekiel 18:1-29

We tackled the majority of chapter 18, talking about the ideas of the righteous and the wicked.

In the Inquisition Thomas asked Pastor how history might be different if Martin Luther had been prescribed antidepressants.  Pastor asked Thomas about the concept of homosexuality and its apologetics ramifications.


Daniel Class 6 – Daniel 2:46-3:7

In this class Pastor jumps right back into the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and talks about near and far fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, along with many historical notes along the way.  Then he gets into the story of the statue built by the king, as a prelude to the fiery furnace episode.


Episode 41 – Ezekiel 16:59-17:24

We finally finished chapter 16, and got an interesting parable in chapter 17.

In the Inquisition Pastor asked Thomas about the place/role of the concept of repentance in apologetics. Thomas asked Pastor if the glut of Christian books on the market is a boon or a bust.


Daniel Class 5 – Daniel 2:44-45

Most of this class was spent answering questions.  Later, the interpretation of the dream of the statue was discussed.


Episode 40 – Ezekiel 16:23-16:58

We continued on with the whoring-est chapter ever, making comments about God’s displeasure and interesting textual notes.

In the Inquisition Thomas asked Pastor to talk about the idea of God as Father, from the perspective of someone who has been raising his own children for two plus years.  Pastor asked Thomas what you say to someone who is caught up in health and wealth preaching.


Daniel Class 4 – Daniel 2:23-2:43

In this class, Pastor took questions for the first two thirds of class on topics including: how we will know one another in heaven, the Trinity, graven images, and Church names.  Then at 30:20 it was back into the text for more of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – specifically Daniel making it known to the king.  Check in next week for the interpretation!