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Episode 55 – Ezekiel 22:1-31

In this edition we got through chapter 22 of Ezekiel. In the Inquisition, Pastor talked about several hypothetical marriage counseling situations, such as a couple from different denominational or religious backgrounds. Thomas was asked questions about the subject of free will.


Episode 50 – Marriage

In this 1/2 length episode (done in this way so that Thomas can enjoy his month post-marriage with little or no Count Joy obligations) we talked about the topic of marriage. The entire episode is spent on the positive teaching of the Bible with regard to marriage, causing Pastor to remark later that he’s surprised that the conversation didn’t turn to “gay” marriage. How could it when we only had half an hour to cover a subject this massive as the Bible’s teaching on the union of men and women in matrimony?


Episode 35 – Ezekiel 8:1-9:2

Back into Ezekiel, we discussed the nature of the syncretistic worship being practiced by the Israelites at the temple in Ezekiel’s day. ¬†For the Inquisition, Pastor was asked about the Oklahoma State Legislature’s discussion on turning marriage over to churches and ceasing civil weddings, or something. ¬†Thomas talked about his position in the hubbub surrounding Tullian Tchividjian, whom some Lutherans have seemed to brand, “I can’t believe it’s not Lutheran!”, and what he feels are the Lutheran distinctives in our centuries-old conversation with the Reformed: the Sacraments.